Return on Investment


rsw Development Sweetdale Skills Center is a registered NGO (non-government organization) PBO (public-benefit-organization) and will provide the investors/sponsors with an 18a certificate. We will keep your company/organisation up to date with progress of the program “Training for Earning – Skills for Work” and present you with a complete investment report so that you can keep track of your investment.


What do we give to companies and organizations in return


You and your business can make a part investment, full investment or multiple investments.

By creating entrepreneurs we create a culture of self-reliance and create opportunities for individuals who had only dreamt of owning their own business. You help create sustainable jobs and lead South Africa to prosper.

rsw Development Sweetdale Skills Center will provide your company or organisation with the following documentation:

- Proof of company registration
- Company compliance documentation (copies)
- Trainee ID document
- Proof of training / Attendance register
- List of tools and equipment
- Sweetdale Skills Center will also present you with the following documentation for each individual trained:
- Invoice
- Attendance register
- Copy of ID
- Copy of certificate

Your investment will not only improve the lives of these individuals, but also will contribute to the development of the country and fight poverty.



This project is anticipated to realize the following objectives:

- Exceptional return on Investment (Economic and Social Benefit);
- Conduct yearly evaluations together with sponsors and partners.
- Low entry costs;
- Fast implementation of training interventions;
- Countrywide impact;
- Up skilling of unemployed youth.

rsw Development Sweetdale Skills Canters’ program “Training for Earning – Skills for Work” is completely committed to dramatically change the lives of unemployed youth, their families and the citizens of South Africa in general. Assuming that funds are available to execute this project and program, it is envisaged that this project will be rolled out and fully implemented.



Jansen PrimeSteps Foundation, Switzerland