Practical Projects

Sweetdale Skills Center has put together a database of indigent families from across the UGU District.

Through this programme “Training for Earning – Skills for Work” we would also like to touch lives of those community members that are not able to do things for themselves because of their socio-economic status. The aim is to restore dignity to those that have been deprived this by living in abject poverty. We aim to realize this through the following:

Identification of houses or dwellings that need to be renovated and families are not able to afford especially older people;

Once the houses have been selected, the learners that have gone through basic training at Sweetdale Skills Center will be deployed to renovate those houses as part of their practical training (these individuals will spend at least three weeks in their own communities as part of their training under supervision of Sweetdale Skills Center).

At the end, you and your organisation will receive the heart-warming satisfaction that you have not only provided a youth with an employable skill for life but also improved the living conditions of a granny.