rsw Development with it Sweetdale Skills Center has been registered in terms of section 21 of the Companies Act, 2008 as a Non-Profit, Public Benefit organization offering now courses in the following field:

• Building Construction
• Plumbing
• Tailing and Painting
• Carpentry
• Boilermaking (metal work and welding)
• Electrical
• Chef
• Restoration specialist

Sweetdale Skill Centre equip the students with the essential skills in a workshop environment over a period of 11 month, or shorter which means that the students will be competent to start work as an artisan immediately after completing the course.
Our students will be an asset to the companies in the sense that they already have the necessary basic training to be productive as artisans from day one.
No formal experience is needed.
The course caters for the following:
• School leavers that wants to specialise in one of these trades
• TVET college students that needs to do their practice in a workshop environment
• People that already work in these trades and want to improve their skills
• People that wants to do their trade test
• People that wants to change careers.
Those with Building construction, Plumbing, Tailing, Carpentry, Welding, Electrical and Chef skills are extremely needed in a number of industries, and once you have a formal qualification you can choose from numerous occupations. This makes studying to become an artisan a particularly versatile choice.